(Podcast) Talking growth hacking on the Bang Your Business Podcast

Mark Hayes (my co-author) and I did a cross-continent podcast with Corbin Links from Bang Your Business podcast. It was a great chat and you can listen to it below.

Check our Corbin and the BYB podcast and read the detailed show transcript here

Topics covered on today’s show include:

  • The biggest mistakes startups make, and how to avoid them.
  • Growth hacking, what it is——and isn’t.
  • How to grow a business like the pros with a shoestring budget.
  • How to exploit programming, APIs, and traditional IT technologies with little or no IT, programming, or technology background.
  • Specific growth and marketing hack examples.
  • The power of connection, showing up, and being consistent.
  • How to sell unknown, but potentially HUGE results to large enterprises.
  • And tons more!