(Guest Blog) Full Stack Marketer: A go-to-market traction case study in fintech with Jeff Goldenberg

This article was originally published as an interview on the MaRS blog. You can read the original post here Full Stack Marketer is a series where we delve into go-to-market case studies from thought leaders (or full stack marketers) in the MaRS community. Our goals are to highlight some of the incredible ventures we work with, to share the key lessons they’ve learned while implementing their go-to-market strategies and to provide actionable insights for other entrepreneurs. Full stack marketer: Jeff Goldenberg, head of growth, Borrowell Jeff Goldenberg is a sought-after expert and speaker in the areas of digital marketing, Continue Reading

(Guest Blog) Growth hacking: What is it, how is it helping companies?

This article was originally published as an interview on the Randstad blog. You can read the original post here Get ready for the digital marketing buzzword of 2015: growth hacking. If you haven’t heard it yet here’s your brief. “Growth hacking is about using data to drive decisions, obtaining low-cost acquisition, and achieving massive scalable growth for a company,” says Jeff Goldenberg, founder of HackologyTO a workshop series designed to teach marketers without technical skills like programming how to be a successful growth hacker. People agree on that definition but there is a split on what people assume Continue Reading

(Blog Post) Culture v Strategy: Which eats which for breakfast?

This post was originally published as a guest blog on Your Planning Partner blog. The original post can be seen here I was very flattered when Nick invited me to share some of my ideas on culture with his community. In particular, the topic being debated was “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast” and whether that holds true (interestingly enough, I’ve also heard the version of the adage that states “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast…Every time” as if to leave no doubt in the passion behind the culture advocates). I’ve been lucky enough to study with some of Continue Reading

(Guest Blog) The First Growth Hack – Creating a Culture of Growth

This is a guest blog post I wrote for the RIC Centre. The original post can be viewed here As more and more companies learn about growth hacking and see the growth trajectories of many bootstrapped startups, people are wondering how they can achieve these results for themselves. The problem is that all the best growth hackers and growth strategies don’t stand a chance unless your company has a culture that will support and encourage the process. For startups, culture is a malleable work-in-progress. For more mature companies, culture is either the product of leadership’s conscious culture building Continue Reading