The Growth Hacker's Guide to the Galaxy is LIVE on Kindle

At long last, the book is ready for your consideration. Mark and I had a ton of fun working on it, and it forced us to keep our skills sharp and up-to-date. We learned a lot about the writing and publishing process (often the hard way) and put a lot of love into the creation of this book. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did working on it. You can check out the Kindle version here, or alternatively there's a full colour PDF available here. Feel free to send us any feedback, and please let honest Continue Reading

(Guest Blog) Full Stack Marketer: A go-to-market traction case study in fintech with Jeff Goldenberg

This article was originally published as an interview on the MaRS blog. You can read the original post here Full Stack Marketer is a series where we delve into go-to-market case studies from thought leaders (or full stack marketers) in the MaRS community. Our goals are to highlight some of the incredible ventures we work with, to share the key lessons they’ve learned while implementing their go-to-market strategies and to provide actionable insights for other entrepreneurs. Full stack marketer: Jeff Goldenberg, head of growth, Borrowell Jeff Goldenberg is a sought-after expert and speaker in the areas of digital marketing, Continue Reading