(Podcast) Jeff and Mark Visit the Out Of Scope Podcast

My co-author of The Growth Hacker's Guide to the Galaxy, Mark Hayes, and I dropped in to the Out Of Scope podcast and chatted growth marketing with host Brian Cristiano.

Brian runs a big sports focused ad agency called Bold Worldwide. Not only that, Brian and Bold were the focus of one of the book's 9 case studies on super fast growing companies. So it was awesome to be on his podcast.

Personally speaking, I love when both Mark and I are on a podcast together. It's fun having another perspective and he always has great stories about his agency clients.

Listen to the show at the Out Of Scope page or watch it below. I posted the show notes below the YouTube video.

This show was a lot of fun! Hope you enjoy

On this episode of Out of Scope Brian Cristiano, CEO of BOLD Worldwide talks about growth hacking. He speaks with the authors of the new book “The Growth Hacker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. Mark Hayes, CEO of Rocketshp and Jeff Goldenberg, Head of Growth at Borrowell.

Brian Mark and Jeff talk about where the book originated from, where it will be available and specific growth hacks for marketers.

The book has over 100 growth hacks as well as case studies of leading startups, including BOLD Worldwide. Which is why you should definitely go buy the book.

The Growth Hacker’s Guide to the Galaxy: http://growthhackerguide.com/

(0:57) What inspired the book Growth Hacker’s Guide to the Galaxy?
(2:19) Why was the blog post a good idea for a book?
(4:54) When & Where can people find Growth Hacker’s Guide to the Galaxy?
(5:29) Where did the growth blog originate?
(7:20) Are you growth hacking the book?
(9:07) Explain your SlideShare success
(10:33) What growth hack was surprising?
(14:50) Who should read this book?
(16:27) What is your best hack for marketers?
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